A sky chart program for .NET

Version 0.1.1


SkyNET is a sky chart program for .NET. It works under Mono using the Gtk# library, and more limited Qt# and #WT frontends are provided now. If you are looking for a free good mature astronomical program for Linux try the excelent KStars.

SkyNET is free software, distributed under the GNU LGPL.


The current version of SkyNET can display the stars of the SAO catalog and constellation names and lines.


12/10/2004 SkyNET 0.1.1 released.
Tried to make the current limited functionality work right.

18/07/2004 SkyNET 0.1.0 released.
Updated to work with Mono 1.0.

14/05/2004 SkyNET 0.0.12 released.
Updated to work with beta 1 of Mono. Dropped support for SWT# and portable.net.

02/05/2004 SkyNET 0.0.11 released.
As SkyNET has been published in the spanish magazine "Todo Programacion" I had to fix it to compile and run in current mono and gtk-sharp. Tested with Mono 0.31 and Gtk# 0.17.

08/12/2003 SkyNET 0.0.10 released.
A new better renderer was implemented, the main widget lives in a dll of its own (and thus is reusable in your programs) and, last but not least, SkyNET runs on Windows (well, actually gskynet doesn't run yet, but simpleapp.exe runs on Windows, provided you have mono and Gtk# installed).

26/05/2003 SkyNET 0.0.9 released.
This is only a release to allow compile and run under current mono version (0.24).

04/05/2003 #WT frontend.
Now we have a #WT frontend (very rough at the moment).

29/03/2003 Development continues.
SkyNET development continues, but in new areas. We have been working in a port of IBM Java graphical toolkit - SWT - to C#. Once finished we can have one single source for Linux and Windows.
Ruben in working in a port to Windows.Forms, too, so we should be able to run SkyNET on Windows soon. Stay tuned.

09/02/2003 SkyNET 0.0.8 released.
A new info area is included for on-screen access to information about objects and we have included a new dialog (only Gtk# version). We have implemented other two sky objects (open and globular clusters). There are many bugfixes, too.

03/02/2003 SkyNET 0.0.7 released.
A configure script was added. Now it's easier to build and run SkyNET.

02/02/2003 SkyNET 0.0.6 released.
The internals of drawing were redesigned to easy porting SkyNET to other graphical toolkits, thank to the experience with both Gtk# and Qt#. We'll try to provide a Windows.Forms frontend shortly.
The Qt frontend has improved a lot, too.

26/01/2003 SkyNET 0.0.5 released. It includes the new Qt# frontend.